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06-Apr-2014 Urgency over climate threat
03-Apr-2014 Another Long Dry Spell Expected, Says Climate Expert
PETALING JAYA: The rainy season has started, but it may not be all good news. Although the intermonsoon season ...
Climate Change & Water
24-Mar-2014 The water-energy pact
World Water Day 2014 focuses on the deep-rooted relationship between water and energy.
24-Mar-2014 Our fouled flows
Rivers are our main souce of drinking water, yet we continue to pollute them.
22-Mar-2014 What to do with used cooking oil?
19-Mar-2014 Haze caused by climatic and human factors: expert
Slash and burn farming methods have been blamed for the haze reaching hazardous levels in Southeast Asia.
05-Mar-2014 Enhance understanding on root causes of the haze
Haze from intense forest and peatland fires in Riau province in Sumatra reached Malaysia on Monday due to changes ...
05-Mar-2014 Jerebu hutan gambut Riau
Petaling Jaya: Paras bacaan Indeks Pencemaran Udara (IPU) di beberapa kawasan di negara ini mencapai tahap tidak ...
04-Mar-2014 You can't quite see at sea
KUALA LUMPUR: The low horizontal visibility of less than five kilometres in the waters of Kedah, Penang, ...
04-Mar-2014 No outside activities for high-risk students when API exceeds 100
04-Mar-2014 Douse that fire, warns DOE
04-Mar-2014 Triple whammy as haze hits the Klang Valley
PETALING JAYA: First, it was weeks of a dry spell. Then came the water shortage. Now, Klang Valley residents have ...
04-Mar-2014 Haze situation in Penang getting worse
THE haze shrouding the air in Penang is getting from bad to worse. Although the Air Pollutant Index ...
04-Mar-2014 Operation to induce rainfall provides break from heat and haze in Selangor
PETALING JAYA: The Meteorological Department’s cloud seeding operation over Selangor brought a brief break from ...
04-Mar-2014 Haze (Update 1pm): Klang Valley air remains unhealthy
PETALING JAYA: The rains on Monday evening and early Tuesday did little to clear the haze that has been lingering ...
03-Mar-2014 Hazier in Penang
GEORGE TOWN: Penang's air turned hazier Monday although the Air Pollutant Index (API) has yet to breach ...
03-Mar-2014 Haze: Klang Valley air at unhealthy range
28-Feb-2014 Haze-hit Indonesian province declares emergency
JAKARTA (AFP) - An Indonesian province at the heart of a South-East Asian smog crisis last year has declared a state ...
26-Feb-2014 Haze in Malaysia caused by domestic factors: Meteorological Department
KUALA LUMPUR: The causes of the current haze in Malaysia have been identified to be domestic sources such as ...
19-Feb-2014 Taman Keramat folk clean up and refurbish their flats
River Care Programme

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