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  River Care Fund - Healthy Rivers for a Healthier Society

The Global Environment Centre - National River Care Fund is established to provide grants to local communities and like-minded individuals for small-scale environmental projects that promotes the importance of protection, restoration and sustainable use of clean, living rivers for our quality of life through education empowerment to general public, communities and other stakeholders.  


Some crucial conservation areas in need of financial support include:

  •  River Clean Up and Beautification Programme
  •   RIVER Ranger / Young River Scientist Programme
  •   SMART (Start Managing All Resources Today) Rangers /4R2C (Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Composting and Closing the loop) Programme
  •  Community Flood Management and Education Programme
  •  DRH2O (Water Conservation Programme for Schools)

Donations made to the fund are tax-exempted.

Ask us about our fundraising packages

You can help protect our river fo a safer cleaner future. Ask us at or 037957 2007